Cloud Computing for Small Business | 8 Compelling Reasons to Embrace Cloud Computing Now!

Maximize Your Small Business’s Potential: 8 Compelling Reasons to Embrace Cloud Computing Now!

Cloud Computing for Small Business

84% of small business owners think cloud services are important to their operations and overall performance. Why is cloud computing ideal for small businesses? Here’s 8 reasons why your small business should make the switch over to cloud computing.

Efficient Software Updates

Software updates are a thing of the past when using a cloud system for your small business’s data. Cloud computing is generally a third-party service, making it the vendor’s responsibility to regularly update the system. You will save money on updates, backups, and downtime over your current software, so you can put that budget towards other things that matter more. Efficient software updates, redundant backups, and reduced downtime are just a few of the competitive advantages that cloud computing offers your small business.

Employees Can Work from Anywhere

Due to the pandemic, over 30% of SMBs used significantly more cloud computing than pre-pandemic projections. Commuting through the cloud gives employees access to their files, emails, contacts, calendars, phones, and more wherever they might choose to work. Cloud phone servers like our hosted VOIP solutions along with video and text will ensure the same level of communication irrespective of proximity. Employers can better adapt to hybrid and remote workers by using the cloud system to untether their back-office infrastructure. Files and phone resources can be easily accessed by employees that are working from home. Even on the go, employees can access essential systems from their smartphone or tablet devices. There is a better work-life balance when you give employees the flexibility to work from anywhere.

Better Data Recovery

When you rely on a cloud system to hold your data, it is easier to recover lost data during cyberattacks. A business can lose a great deal of revenue in just an hour of having a down network. File revision histories covering 30 days or more of changes can be quickly recovered using cloud computing technology. The time and money spent to recover files can be put to better use when you rely on a cloud system. Cloud computing is ideal for small businesses because it reduces risk and increases your business’s resilience.

Enterprise Level IT Security

Some small businesses switch to cloud computing for the benefit of better cybersecurity. Data is maintained behind walled gardens protected by teams of cybersecurity experts when using the cloud. Third parties like Microsoft and Google do the job of detecting and blocking cyber threats, maintaining the integrity of your data, and freeing up your technical resources to focus on ways to better leverage your systems to best meet evolving business goals. Another advantage to using a cloud is that the risk of exposing data from a lost or stolen personal device is minimized through tools like MDM, or mobile device management, allowing you to securely erase compromised devices. You enhance your cyber security when you make the switch to cloud computing for your small business.

Better Team Collaboration

Using the cloud allows your employees to collaborate better since all files are easily accessible. Your team can collaborate when they have access to all of the systems and data relevant to their job in your cloud network. Your employees will feel more included and connected in your day-to-day operations, improving team morale.

Provides Scalability to Your Business

As your business grows, you need your data capabilities to grow as well. Using cloud computing for your small business gives you the option to scale your IT as your business grows. Cloud systems are perfect for a growing business that is processing and storing larger amounts of information as they go. Keep your systems running smoothly and ensure proper cyber protection by using a cloud system as your business scales.

Reduces Business Costs

Cloud computing provides your business with reductions in the cost of computer equipment, IT resources, and software. Moving to the cloud can provide low upfront & long-term costs when compared to on-premise solutions. Companies with cloud computing need not worry about investing in a powerful server and maintaining updates, failover environments, backups, etc. As a small business owner, it is important to reduce costs where ever you can, making cloud computing ideal for small businesses.

Good for the Environment

Between 2021 and 2025, the public cloud market is expected to have a compound annual growth rate of 19%. Why are so many businesses using this technology? Making the switch to cloud computing is not only ideal for your small business but it’s also ideal for the environment. Your carbon footprint stays the same no matter how long you use the cloud or how much data you pack into it. With large-scale data centers serving you with the resources you need and the advantages of a multi-tenant system architecture that is built with the latest available technologies for the optimization of power, you enable your business to operate in the most efficient and green way possible.

Maximize Your Small Business’s Potential with DNS !

Ready to maximize your small business’s potential with cloud computing? Contact Logic Fortress today to make the switch and enjoy efficient software updates, better data recovery, enterprise-level IT security, and more. Don’t miss out on the competitive advantages and cost savings that cloud computing can offer your business.

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