Video Security

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Video Security Discover Versatility and Security in One: The Future of Video Security Systems Welcome to the realm of innovative surveillance where safety and productivity harmoniously coexist. Our multi-faceted video security solutions are designed not just for safeguarding your premises but also to drive operational efficiency and create accountability, all while reducing financial burden and […]

Access Control

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Access Control Logic Fortress: Your Trusted Partner in Commercial Access Control Systems At Logic Fortress, we specialize in planning and integrating commercial access control  systems that not only secure your building but also streamline its management. Our advanced biometric door entry solutions leverage state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms and practical functionalities to significantly improve security and efficiency in […]

Remote Monitoring and Management

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Remote Monitoring and Management Proactive IT Care with Remote Monitoring and Management Staying ahead of IT issues requires vigilance and foresight. Logic Fortress’s Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) services are the proactive approach to IT that keeps your systems running smoothly, anticipating problems before they impact your business. Stay Ahead of IT Challenges Our RMM […]

Helpdesk and Support


Helpdesk And Support Empowering Your Workforce with Expert Helpdesk and Support Reliable and responsive IT support is the cornerstone of a productive workforce. Logic Fortress delivers Helpdesk and Support services that ensure your team has the IT assistance they need—when they need it. With our help, IT issues become minor hiccups instead of roadblocks. Responsive […]

Security Monitoring

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Security Monitoring Vigilant Protection with Logic Fortress Security Monitoring In a world where cyber threats never sleep, continuous vigilance is paramount. Logic Fortress’s Security Monitoring service offers around-the-clock surveillance of your digital ecosystem, ensuring that threats are detected and neutralized before they can cause harm. Proactive Monitoring for Ultimate Peace of Mind We provide a […]

Incident Response Planning

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Incident Response Planning Rapid Response, Resilient Recovery: Logic Fortress Incident Response Planning When a cybersecurity incident occurs, the speed and effectiveness of your response can make all the difference. Logic Fortress provides comprehensive Incident Response Planning services designed to minimize the impact and ensure a swift recovery from any security event. Prepare, Respond, Recover Our […]

Risk Assessment and Analysis

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Risk Assessment And Analysis Navigate Digital Threats with Logic Fortress Risk Assessment and Analysis In the digital realm, risk is an ever-present companion. Logic Fortress’s Risk Assessment and Analysis services are your map and compass in this landscape, identifying potential hazards and charting a course for safe navigation. Identify, Assess, and Mitigate IT Risks Understanding […]

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Managed IT

Backup And Disaster Recovery Fortify Your Data with Logic Fortress Backup and Disaster Recovery In an age where data is among your most valuable assets, Logic Fortress ensures it’s safeguarded against any calamity. Our Backup and Disaster Recovery services provide robust protection, keeping your business resilient in the face of unforeseen events. Secure Your Business […]

Hosted VOIP Phones


Hosted VOIP Phones Businesses Can Save 30% Or More On Their Telephone Costs With Hosted VOIP. With DNS Hosted VOIP you can provide your business with high-quality telephone services for as little as $25 per device. Unlimited Calling throughout the US & Canada High Definition Call Quality Caller ID Anti Scam/Spam Call Protection Full PBX/IVR […]

Network Management

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Network Management Unleashing Potential with Superior Network Management In the digital business landscape, a robust network is the backbone of enterprise productivity and growth. Logic Fortress’s Network Management services ensure that your network is not just operational but optimized and future-proof. Our solutions are the bedrock upon which businesses build their success. Why Network Management […]