Face Recognition Door Entry Made Possible with Touch-Free Access Control Terminals

Face Recognition Door Entry with Touch-Free Access Control Terminals

Face Recognition

Logic Fortress (DNS), your trusted partner in advanced security solutions, is proud to present an integrated, state-of-the-art door entry system. This revolutionary face recognition door entry system prevents badge pass-back and sharing, common security loopholes in many organizations. It also features an advanced mechanism for near-instantaneous door unlocking, ensuring that authorized users can access facilities without delay. The system is not merely reactive but proactive, maintaining detailed logs of all user entries. With our solution, you can monitor the precise status of multiple doors in real-time, giving you complete control over your establishment’s security.

The complexities of navigating through office gates, accessing various building doors, and recording accurate attendance at workplaces often pose significant challenges. However, with DNS’s cutting-edge Face Recognition Door Entry Terminals, these tasks are significantly streamlined. Our access control solution prioritizes user-friendly, intuitive experiences while maintaining unparalleled security, thereby boosting overall workplace efficiency.

Our state-of-the-art terminals create a high-tech work environment characterized by robust security and advanced technology, transforming what used to be mundane, routine tasks into a seamless, streamlined process. Here’s a detailed look at the remarkable benefits that Logic Fortress Face Recognition Door Entry Terminals bring to your organization:

Here are some of the benefits of Logic Fortress Face Recognition Door Entry Terminals:

Exceptional Convenience through Advanced Recognition

Our Face Recognition Terminals deploy sophisticated deep learning algorithms, significantly enhancing face recognition accuracy by up to 38% compared to traditional systems. This higher accuracy equates to superior efficiency, facilitating a smooth user experience and drastically reducing entry time delays. Our terminals boast recognition speeds of just 0.2 seconds, a testament to our commitment to efficiency and speed without compromising on security.

Enhanced Security through Dual Lens Technology

We understand that the security of your organization is paramount. Hence, our terminals are meticulously designed with a visible light lens and an infrared lens. This dual-lens technology ensures that access is granted only when both lenses detect the same individual, significantly reducing the chances of unauthorized access attempts using fraudulent photos, videos, or other media.

Our innovative dual-lens system not only heightens security levels but also ensures optimal terminal performance under varying lighting conditions, including low or zero-light environments. With DNS’s Face Recognition Terminals, you can rest assured that your security remains uncompromised, regardless of environmental conditions.

Smartphone App Integration for Remote Control and Monitoring

To enhance the convenience and control of our access control solution, we have developed a dedicated Logic Fortress smartphone application. This application empowers users to view live feeds directly from their mobile devices, allowing them to remain up-to-date with real-time activities within the organization.

Moreover, users can remotely control doors, review comprehensive access logs, and communicate with guests or personnel near the terminal. This integrated app functionality ensures that authorized personnel can seamlessly manage and monitor access control operations, even from remote locations.

Interoperability with Other Devices for Comprehensive Security Management

Our Face Recognition Terminals have been designed to seamlessly integrate with Network Video Recorders (NVRs), Network Cameras, and Indoor Stations. This interoperability enables comprehensive recording and storage of all-day video on NVRs, providing you with an archive of security footage that can be accessed and reviewed as required.

Moreover, clear video recording is initiated whenever any preset events are triggered, providing visual evidence of all activities associated with those triggers. The integration also facilitates calls to indoor stations, PC workstations, and even smartphones through the video intercom function. This feature allows the terminals to adapt to numerous scenarios, offering flexibility in communication and control.

Conclusion: An All-Encompassing Access Control Solution

Logic Fortress’ Face Recognition Terminals represent a holistic approach to access control, offering a plethora of benefits. With a focus on enhancing convenience and bolstering security, these terminals are redefining the conventional approach to access control.

From preventing unauthorized access to providing detailed access logs, enabling remote monitoring and control, facilitating seamless integration with other security devices, and ensuring optimal performance under varying light conditions, our solution leaves no stone unturned when it comes to the security of your organization.

If you’re interested in transforming your organization’s access control operations through this advanced technology, we encourage you to contact us today. Our team of experienced professionals stands ready to assist with the implementation of these transformative security solutions, ensuring a secure, seamless, and efficient access control system for your organization. Allow us to bring the future of security to your doorstep with our Face Recognition Door Entry Terminals.

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