Logic Fortress can navigate you through the clouds and beyond

From managing your emails, contacts, and calendars to facilitating seamless interoffice video communications and remote desktop services, our cloud network services have got you covered. By leveraging the power of large-scale service providers like Microsoft and Google, we ensure that your business has access to the latest tools and technologies that can help you stay ahead of the curve.Cloud Network Services.

The cloud is essentially the internet, but with a more specific reference to storing and accessing data on fully managed and highly secure remote servers. It has become a critical tool for businesses of all sizes due to its flexibility and scalability. However, transitioning to the cloud from legacy systems or software can be challenging and requires the expertise of experienced professionals.

Working with a knowledgeable help desk team can relieve the burden on your company’s IT resources, freeing up your team to focus on your core business goals and objectives. With the right support, you can streamline your cloud migration and ensure a smooth transition.

Decentralize your workforce with cloud network services.

Cloud computing emerged from a combination of practical techniques and a willingness to question assumptions about how data should be stored and accessed.

One key application of cloud technology that can benefit businesses is VOIP, or voice-over-internet-protocol. Today’s cloud-based VOIP systems, such as public branch exchange (PBX) and interactive voice response (IVR), offer far more than just an internet-connected desk phone. When integrated with back-office software suites from leading providers like Microsoft and Google, these systems can enable you to work from anywhere, untethered from the physical office.

Logic Fortress phone cloud allows IP desk phones to mirror web and smartphone applications, offering features such as voicemail, call history, two-way calling, call recording, voicemail transcription, and more via a browser or mobile app. Access all the tools you need, regardless of your location, with ease.VOIP Cloud Network Services

Contact Logic Fortress now to explore the full potential of cloud computing through our network services.

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